About Discount Madness

Discount Madness is a family business. It has been owned and operated by Arthur Cerullo for over 30 years.

A Brief History

Discount Madness got its start as Preferred Distributors when Arthur Cerullo was only 19-years-old. While in college, he started selling things out of the trunk of his car. A few years later, he opened his first storefront in Woburn, Massachusetts. Preferred Distributors remained in Woburn for 11 years.

Wanting to expand his business, Arthur purchased a vacant lot in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. He worked with contractors to build a bigger and better storefront to move his business into. In 1978, with the construction over, Arthur moved his business out of Woburn, and opened his doors in Tewksbury for the first time.

Affectionately known as “the big yellow building” by its customers, Preferred Distributors has remained in Tewksbury ever since. Having seen its ups and downs over the years, the business has become a part of the Tewksbury culture. It is a challenge to find a single person in Tewksbury who doesn’t know Cerullo or his wife, Margie, who is a permanent fixture to the friendly atmosphere of the company.

Preferred Distributors has always been known for adventure shopping. We have heard many stories from husbands, who send their wives into the store for one item, only to have her return with half the store in the car. Almost everyone in Tewksbury knows “the big yellow building” as the place to get stuff cheap.

With a successful Flower Center and Mulch Delivery Service, Cerullo continues to find new and better ways to bring the best discounts to his customers

Expansion Madness

Even with a sinking economy, Preferred Distributors seemed to grow with each new year. Cerullo began looking for a place to open a second location for the business. Much like he had done almost 20 years earlier, he purchased a lot of land in Pelham, NH and began the process of constructing a new building. This new building would be three times the size of its predecessor and boast such additional features as a functioning green house for the Garden Center and an underground warehouse.

In 2003, Cerullo opened the doors to his second location. Turning to his oldest son for a new name for this location, he called this store Discount Madness. In 2011, the Tewksbury store's name was also, officially, changed to Discount Madness.

Put some Adventure back into your Shopping!

In 2012, we started our first television campaign and introduced our official mascot: Seymour Deals, the Bargain Hunter. His hunt for bargains always brings him to Discount Madness. With two locations and hundreds of discounted items on their shelves, Discount Madness continues to bring the best discounts possible to their customers. Stop by either location and have a shopping adventure today.

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